What kind of man do you want to be?
What do you want to be known for?
What is your definition of success?
What kind of man do you want your son, boyfriend, or husband to be?
What does God want us to be?

By developing the core values of character, Sheepdog Connection helps young men to have a positive and impactful effect on those they meet and love. 

Our goal is to develop men who are:
Respected and Respectful
Admired and Admirable
Valued and Valuable



Sheepdog Connection

Established to honor the life of Ryan FitzGerald - We lovingly called Ryan a “sheepdog” because he had an attitude of service above self, he was intensely loyal,  and he protected, supported and encouraged people around him.

Sheepdog Program

An interactive online program to explore the key universal traits of men that are fundamental to becoming respected, influential and impactful men in all of their relationships.  A combination of print and video curriculum for developing sheepdog traits in individuals, fraternities, small groups or coaches.

Support our efforts to provide experiential character development opportunities with scholarships to:

• Christ in the Rockies, a Father-Son passage to manhood camp

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•  Hands of Love USA, Summer mission trip to orphanages in Uganda and

•  $1000 college scholarship for a Lambert HS senior