Timothy Ryan FitzGerald (a.k.a. Ryan, Fitz) was a 6’ 5” 230lb kind-hearted, fun-loving, big-as-life, intensely-loyal friend who always “had our back”. He encouraged, protected, supported, and prompted his friends to be and achieve what he believed they were capable of – and when they needed him, he was there for them.  

This non-profit organization has been created to honor his life. At the age of 21 he left this world to be with our Heavenly Father - but not before he made a significant and lasting impact on scores of people including family, friends, team mates, and fraternity brothers. His family calls him Ryan, his friends call him Fitz, and we all loved him deeply. Ryan lived a life of service above self.  We called him a sheepdog because he was a loyal, dependable friend and a loving son and brother.  After his death, we found a note he had written to himself that read “I need to think more about others than myself”.

As part of Ryan’s Ceremony of Life we provided cards for the people attending to send a note to Ryan. Here is a sample of the nearly 400 notes we received:

“…you pushed me to be stronger, to learn what I needed to do to be greater than myself… “
…your compassion for others has always been an inspiration to me, you were a true servant of God…
…the impact you’ve had on my life is more than you may ever know…I think I am where I am today because of you…you gave me the confidence I needed to do something and I’m following my dream of being a musician
…you helped me through an incredibly rough time in my life and helped me to see the light, you brought me back from the brink of darkness…
“… You make so many people so happy and you made this world a better place…you effortlessly enhanced others lives and gave glory to God …”
“… There is so much I wish I could say to you or learn from you but most importantly I want to thank you. You don’t even know it but you saved my life…”
“… thank you for saving my faith in Jesus ..”

“… your friendship and loyalty impacted everyone around you …”
Ryan CB 1.png
“…you are a man who exemplifies all the characteristics I strive for: loyalty, character, humility and most importantly a strong relationship with Jesus Christ …”
“… thanks for always being real with me when I needed it. Thanks for always wanting to sit and talk instead of brushing me off when I needed to talk. I hope I can reciprocate the love and loyalty you shared with me…”
…you always stood up for those couldn’t stand up for themselves…
“ … you always had a way to comfort me and I would know I could get through anything. Thanks for being so caring, loving and honest – You’re someone I will always be able to count on…”
“… I’ve always been the kind of person who has to introduce myself at least twice … I always knew that if you were around I’d be greeted warmly with a “hey Sally”, almost like you knew just saying my name could make me feel that much more loved…”