The Sheepdog Program is a loosely structured curriculum designed to guide young men through the universal traits of men that are fundamental to becoming respected, influential and impactful men in all of their relationships. This program can be done individually, but participating as a group is encouraged. 

Gut Check

  • What kind of person do you want to be?

  • What do you want to be known for?

As men, we ask ourselves these questions and most of us struggle to find an answer - or we have superficial answers.  “I want to be rich, powerful, a successful businessman, good husband, and a loving father.”


Man in the Mirror

Who is the guy at your core that . . .

  • Sets the direction of your life

  • Determines your reaction to events

  • Guides your relationships and

  • Defines your priorities?

What are you using as your the criteria for making decisions?


Each man, regardless of his background, wants to own his identity formed by his unique characteristics, values, and traits.