Sheepdog Program is a resource for guys to learn about the core values of men who are respected, admired, and valued in society.  It is a reference to continually refine the processes that are required to be the men they want to be. 

The Program is designed for young men to pursue and cultivate the Values, Virtues and Traits of a Sheepdog in their daily lives.

Principle Virtues are inextricably tied to who we are – they are our habits, our thoughts, our behaviors, and our traits

Sheepdog Traits

Sheepdog Traits Graphic v2.png

Each Sheepdog Trait will have a different session including:

  • Animation Videos: 3-4 describing aspects of each Trait 
  • Talk Tracks: questions for group discussion
  • Supporting Videos: Perspective from Others
  • Supporting Videos: Experience with Others
  • Trait Related Supporting Content
    • Expert Input
    • Bible Verses  
    • Leaders Perspective (business, sports, culture) 
  • Self- Assessment
  • Improvement Plan
  • Reassessment

Sheepdog Program Access

*Group – like-minded guys who form a group on their own
*Coaches – any high school, college, club teams of any sport
*Small Group Leader – church organizations, national fraternities, FCA, etc...


Monthly video sessions of successful men speaking about how they moved through their career, what were critical, lasting lessons learned, mistakes to avoid balanced with how to be an impactful husband and father.